Pinky Brows

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  1. After shooting each photo for this series, I'll often take the found items I used to compose the face (bottle caps, gum wrappers, straws, etc.) and find a nearby garbage to drop them in.

    The day before I created this site, however, something told me to leave that particular face in place, right there in the golden setting sun, and stick around nearby to see what would happen. Two women strolled by, intently discussing the Scriptures, and suddenly noticed the flower-based face I later dubbed Pinky Brows for this post.

    One of the women stopped in her tracks, pointed and said, "Look! It’s a face! Adorable!” They had a good laugh and then walked off into the sunset.

    With this site, I hope you get a similar proverbial sunny-walk thrill from these creatures of the street.




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